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This printable calendar comes in monthly and weekly versions. You can also use the Appointment Notes page to take notes and plan transportation and lodging, if needed.

Tracking your food intake and side effects can help you better manage side effects. Use the log to spot any trends. Are certain foods making your side effects worse or better?

Having a stocked pantry and refrigerator full of healthy food can relieve the stress of finding something to eat when being treated for cancer. A registered dietitian compiled this list of foods to keep in your kitchen. There is also space to add any of your favorites.

As a cancer patient, your healthcare team is probably made up of many doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. Use this contact list to keep all your important names, numbers, and emails in one place.

Immunizations help your body build a resistance to specific diseases. Ask your healthcare team which immunizations you need and which are not appropriate for you. Use this chart to keep track of your immunization record.

Take the guesswork out of mealtime by planning your meals in advance. By planning meals in advance, you can also be creative with how to use leftovers to save time and money. Use this worksheet when creating your grocery list to make sure you buy all the foods you need.

The more information you can provide your healthcare team the better. Before your first visit with a new provider, fill out this worksheet so you have all the information you need including medications, family history, and insurance information. Take these sheets with you to all your appointments in case you need to recall any specifics such as a date of surgery or dosage of medication.

Taking your medications as prescribed by your doctor is very important. Use this medication log to make sure you don’t miss a dose.

Use this list of must-ask questions to get the information you need from your healthcare team regarding your diagnosis. There are spaces provided to write the answers to each questions. Some of the questions may seem obvious, but it can be easy to forget to ask during the actual appointment.