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Nutrition By Diagnosis

Nutrition is an important part of your overall cancer care plan. Cancer and treatment may change your nutritional needs and how your body processes food. Making good food choices during and after cancer treatment can help you feel better, maintain your strength, and speed your recovery. Find nutrition guidelines and considerations based on your diagnosis.

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Nutrition By Side Effect

Cancer survivors often experience side effects due to cancer and cancer treatments. These effects can be short term or long term. Some side effects happen during treatment. Others can occur once treatment ends. There are many ways to manage side effects—lifestyle changes, nutrition, exercise, medication, and others. Find nutrition guidelines, tips, and strategies based on side effect.

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Nutrition and Childhood Cancer

Good nutrition is important for all children. A child with a cancer diagnosis may have additional nutritional needs or challenges.

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FAQs About Nutrition & Cancer

Nutrition advice is everywhere, but it’s not all good information. Be cautious of nutrition advice online, in magazines or advertisements, and from well-meaning family and friends. Make sure you get nutrition information from a reliable source by talking to a registered dietitian. Find answers to the common questions PearlPoint’s dietitian hears from cancer patients and caregivers.

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Nutrition Handbook

The Nutrition Handbook: Feeding your family from meal planning to mealtime, from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), provides tips and resources that you can use to help you prepare healthy meals for you and your family.

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