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Power Foods To Include in Your Meals and Snacks

“Power foods” add extra calories to your meals and snacks. Dairy and protein sources also add extra protein. If you are losing a lot of weight during your cancer treatment, “power foods” can help you maintain a healthy body weight.

Power Food

Ways to include it with meals and snacks


Add to casseroles, soups, mashed potatoes, sandwiches, vegetables, eggs, and meat.

Add cottage cheese or ricotta cheese to pasta, casseroles, and eggs.


Use whole milk instead of low fat or skim milk.

Use milk instead of water for cocoa, soup, and hot cereal.

Put nonfat instant dry milk powder in casseroles, meatloaf, baked goods, soups, mashed potatoes, macaroni, and puddings.

Ice Cream, Yogurt, Frozen Yogurt

Add to liquid nutrition supplements.

Make a sundae with granola, fruit, nuts, or chocolate syrup.


Add chopped, hard boiled eggs to salads, vegetables, and casseroles.

Add to custards, puddings, quiches.

Try omelets.

Make sure you thoroughly cook all dishes with raw eggs.

Nuts, Seeds, and Wheat Germ

Add to casseroles, breads, muffins, pancakes, cookies, and waffles.

Sprinkle on fruit, cereal, ice cream, yogurt, vegetables, salads, and toast.

Use instead of breadcrumbs when cooking.

Peanut Butter and Other Nut Butters

Use on sandwiches, toast, muffins, crackers, waffles, pancakes, fruit or raw vegetables.

Blend with liquid nutrition supplements.

Add to oatmeal, ice cream, or yogurt.

Meat, Chicken, Turkey, Fish

Add chopped, cooked meats to vegetables, salads, casseroles, soups, omelets, quiches, baked potatoes or stuffing.

Wrap in biscuit or pie crust to make turnovers.

Use on sandwiches.

Beans, Legumes, and Tofu

Add to casseroles, pasta, soup, salad, or grain dishes.

Mash cooked beans with cheese and milk.

Use beans, tahini, and olive oil to make hummus.


Use in baked goods.

Sprinkle in vegetables, yogurt, ice cream, pudding, and fruit.

Combine with dried fruit to make trail mix.

Dried Fruit

Add to oatmeal, baked goods, rice, cold cereal, puddings, stuffing, and vegetables.

Combine with granola to make trail mix.

Power foods list adapted from: National Cancer Institute. Eating Hints Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment. 2009.