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Build a Slammin' Sandwich

Sandwiches can be easy to take with you to appointments or treatments so you can fit your nutrition into your busy schedule. They can be a complete meal or snack. You can make some sandwiches in advance, wrap individual portions, and refrigerate them for a meal tomorrow when you may not feel well after treatments or procedures. Share this list of ingredients with someone who can make a sandwich for you when you aren’t feeling well enough to grocery shop or prepare food. If you can’t stand to smell or be around a hot prepared meals, sandwiches can fit the bill with low aroma and help fight nausea.

Fun Tips:

  • You can also use this list to create a salad. Instead of using a bread base, you can include a carbohydrate such as whole wheat crackers, rye croutons, or whole wheat pita chips.
  • Cut the bread in interesting shapes like triangles, circles or rectangles.
  • Scoop the center out of a round unsliced bread to make a bread bowl then add your sandwich fixings into the bowl.
  • Don’t like bread? Use the outer leaves of ice burg or romaine lettuce for a lettuce wrap sandwich.