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What It’s Like to Talk to A Registered Dietitian

By PearlPoint Nutrition Services July 10, 2012Pearls of Wisdom Blog

Have you ever had a consultation with a Registered Dietitian? If not, then keep reading!

A Registered Dietitian (RD) is THE food and nutrition expert. An RD must complete a bachelor’s degree approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ( , complete a dietetic internship, and pass a national exam to receive this credential. Many RDs go on to receive a master’s degree and/or advanced specialty certifications.

RDs can specialize in many different fields of nutrition, even oncology nutrition. RDs that specialize in cancer have an understanding of cancer treatment types, surgery, side effects, cancer survivorship, and other life-changing issues that go along with a cancer diagnosis. As a cancer patient, having an RD on your team of health professionals can ensure you receive accurate evidence-based information about how to best optimize your nutrition status and treatment outcomes.

During an initial talk with an oncology RD, you will be asked about your current cancer diagnosis, past and current cancer treatment, medical history, weight history, medications you are taking, your food preferences, and any problems you may be having with eating. An RD will then make recommendations and provide resources for managing any symptoms or side effects you may be having, recommend the best food options to meet your individualized needs, as well as give you general nutrition guidance for survivorship and preventing a recurrence. An RD is the best person to speak with if you have any questions about food, vitamins, and supplements. After all, RDs are THE food and nutrition experts.

You don’t have to walk your nutrition cancer journey on your own, add an RD to your team of treatment professionals. You can receive your own one-on-one nutrition consultation with one of The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation’s RDs anytime. It is easy! Click here to get started.

Blog Author: Katherine T. Fowler, MS, RDN, CEDRD, LDN
PearlPoint Cancer Support Staff

Author PearlPoint Cancer Support Staff

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