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Tip for Treatment Day: Travel Snacks and Treats to Get You Through

By PearlPoint Nutrition Services November 14, 2012Pearls of Wisdom Blog

We know that your cancer treatment days are long, tiring, and wearing on your body. However, it’s important to maintain good nutrition to help you manage your energy and strength during your treatment. We understand that treatment can affect your appetite and tastes. One way to assure you are meeting your calorie needs is to keep healthy snacks and beverages with you on long treatment days. Pack a small cooler or insulated thermal bag to keep snacks and beverages in. Here is a list of some snacks and treats that are easy to tote along. Toss in an ice pack to keep drinks and cold foods cold.

  • Bottled water, juice boxes, or sports drinks
  • String cheese, cheese cubes
  • Boiled eggs
  • Peanut butter sandwich
  • Granola bars, trail mix, mixed nuts, dry cereal
  • Hummus and pita chips, crackers
  • Nutritional beverages
  • Tuna or salmon packets with crackers
  • Individual yogurt cups
  • Whole fruit, such as a banana, apple, plum, or grapes
  • Raw vegetables, such as carrots, pepper strips, cucumbers
  • Single serve applesauce, fruit cups, jello, or pudding cups
  • Single serve cottage cheese and fruit
  • Peanut butter or cheese crackers

If you have specific questions regarding any of these tips, please contact the registered dietitians at The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation. We provide one-on-one nutrition guidance and will make more specific recommendations based on cancer type and current nutrition status.

Blog Author: Jen Hartman, RD, LND
PearlPoint Cancer Support Staff

Author PearlPoint Cancer Support Staff

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