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Sweets for Your Sweetheart

By Abby Henry Singh February 2, 2019Pearls of Wisdom Blog

Do you want to make a dessert for your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Or, maybe you have a sweet tooth yourself? Check out these delicious dessert recipes with a healthy twist. You may even find your dessert soul mate!

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes make a beautiful Valentine’s Day treat. These cupcakes are made with beets to give them their red hue, instead of artificial dyes. Did you know that beets provide fiber, manganese, iron, and vitamin B?

Apricot Pecan Bars

Made with tofu, these bars are high in fiber, vitamin A, potassium, and protein. They make a great portable snack to take with you to appointments or on treatment days.

Fruit Salad Spring Rolls

Want a treat that’s fresh and fun? These spring rolls are it! They are fresh, colorful, and full of healthy phytochemicals! Tip: You can usually find spring roll wrappers in the frozen or refrigerated section of your grocery store near the produce.

Vegan Chocolate Soy Raspberry Cake

Did you know that cancer treatment can lead to dairy sensitivity or lactose intolerance? This cake is made with tofu, soy milk, and less sugar than a typical cake. It’s perfect for a patient who can’t have dairy.

Watermelon Granita

This sweet frozen treat is similar to a slushy or snow cone. The ice can bring relief to a patient dealing with sore moth or throat during treatment. The pink color from the watermelon is also perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Creamy Chocolate Date Mousse

Avocado in a dessert? Yes, it works! A creamy, pudding-like dessert is perfect for a patient who may have difficulty swallowing or chewing because of the side effects of cancer treatment. Share this date mousse with your date!


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Abby Henry Singh

Author Abby Henry Singh

Manger Content, Outreach, and Outcomes Abby Henry Singh is a native of Sevierville, Tennessee, and a graduate of Belmont University with a bachelor’s degree in English and history. She has been a member of PearlPoint Cancer Support for over 5 years. Previously, Singh was the Program and Outreach Manger for the Lupus Foundation of America, Mid-South Chapter where she worked to raise disease awareness and support those diagnosed with the disease through educational programs. She is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and the Belmont English alumni book club.

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