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Mission Moment: Nutrition and Lung Cancer

By PearlPoint Nutrition Services May 6, 2013Pearls of Wisdom Blog

Consultation with one of our registered dietitians recently provided a lung cancer survivor with reliable resources and guidelines for optimal nutrition.

Patrick, a nonsmoker diagnosed with lung cancer, recently underwent surgery to remove a lung tumor. Having spent a few weeks researching a diet that would minimize his risk of recurrence, Patrick found conflicting information about what to eat. Patrick wanted to follow a plant-based diet but feared he might not be getting proper nutrients to remain healthy during his upcoming treatment in a clinical trial.

Our registered dietitian not only provided Patrick with guidelines for participation in a clinical trial but also explained the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and strong immune system for his survivorship. She provided him with evidence-based materials that included suggestions for protein-rich foods while following a plant-based diet, along with recipes for his reference.

As a nonsmoker with lung cancer, Patrick says his consultation with PearlPoint gave him greater confidence and a sense of positive control for his survivorship. Do you have questions about what to eat during or after your cancer treatment?

*Names and certain details featured in Mission Moments have been altered to protect the identity of our clients.

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