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Mission Moment: Fighting Post-Cancer Fatigue with Complex Carbohydrates

By PearlPoint Nutrition Services August 5, 2013Pearls of Wisdom Blog

After completing treatment, many cancer survivors expect to see a marked improvement in how they feel. However, months after finishing treatment, Dave was still struggling with fatigue. Due to his extreme fatigue, Dave also wasn’t eating much, averaging only one meal per day. Hoping to increase his energy level and reach a healthy cancer survivorship, Dave called PearlPoint Cancer Support for nutrition guidance.

Our registered dietitian gave Dave nutrition tips to reduce fatigue, such as eating foods that provide lasting energy like protein and complex carbohydrates (including legumes, starchy vegetables such as potatoes and corn, rice, and whole grain pastas and breads. She recommended that Dave eat at the times he felt the most rested, such as first thing in the morning, and continue eating multiple small meals throughout the day. Our dietitian also encouraged Dave to be active. Although it may seem counterintuitive, exercise actually combats fatigue. In addition, because Dave had completed treatment, our dietitian gave him information for survivorship nutrition to help reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

*Names and certain details featured in Mission Moments have been altered to protect the identity of our clients.

PearlPoint Cancer Support Staff

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