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Mission Moment: Combatting the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

By PearlPoint Nutrition Services January 14, 2013Pearls of Wisdom Blog

Our mission at The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation is to create a more confident cancer journey for adults anytime, anywhere. But what does that mission look like in action?

In Judy’s case, a more confident cancer journey meant taking control over some of the devastating side effects of chemotherapy. Judy is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and was struggling with extreme nausea for the first three days after each treatment. She was reluctant to seek help, assuming there was nothing that could be done. Typically a “meat and potatoes” girl, she struggled to find anything to eat that would not make her sick.

Luckily, Judy’s sister had heard about our registered dietitians and recommended Judy contact us for suggestions to increase her appetite. Our dietitians provided Judy with a list of foods known to be well-tolerated by patients in her same situation, such as ginger ale, real fruit popsicles, and applesauce. They also recommended high protein options such as yogurt, cottage cheese, smoothies, and liquid nutrition supplements to help maintain her weight and strength. Though Judy had never tried many of these foods before treatment, she was willing to give them a shot and discovered new favorites that sustained her energy, weight, and morale throughout treatment. In addition, our dietitians provided Judy with tactics to lessen the pain of her mouth sores, another side effect she was experiencing.

Without support, cancer can be an overwhelming experience. The side effects of treatment add another layer of frustration and discomfort to an already difficult situation. With our support, adults like Judy have access to knowledgeable and compassionate professionals, free of charge, who empower them in their journey.

*Names and certain details featured in Mission Moments have been altered to protect the identity of our clients.

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