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Mission Moment: Managing Constipation During Cancer Treatment

By PearlPoint Nutrition Services December 9, 2013Pearls of Wisdom Blog

Angie’s husband Brad had just completed ten consecutive days of radiation for bladder cancer. The pain medication he was taking during treatments resulted in constipation. Brad was very uncomfortable, and had lost 15 lbs. because he was eating less and avoiding foods that cause stomach bloating, which made the constipation worse. That is when he and Angie contacted PearlPoint Cancer Support for guidance.

Brad and Angie spoke with one of PearlPoint’s registered dietitians who recommended adding back some less gaseous foods such as canned fruits, vegetable soup, and small servings of fiber-rich cereals along with adequate beverage intake. She also invited Brad to explore the free resources found on our website such as nutrition tips for managing constipation. With our support Brad was able to find relief for his constipation and add back nutritious foods to his diet. As a result, he was able to increase his caloric intake which enabled him to maintain a healthy body weight and better tolerate cancer treatment.

*Names and certain details featured in Mission Moments have been altered to protect the identity of our clients.

PearlPoint Cancer Support Staff

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