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Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

By Abby Henry Singh September 30, 2014Pearls of Wisdom Blog

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The stores are filled with products boasting a pink ribbon. Athletes are wearing pink athletic gear. Social media and the news are featuring inspiring stories of breast cancer survivors. The pink ribbon products sold in October result in increased funding for breast cancer research. The awareness brought to breast cancer encourages more women to schedule their recommended mammograms. Thanks to the pink ribbon campaign, funding for breast cancer research has increased, leading to new breakthroughs in treatment. More women follow the recommended screening schedule, resulting in early diagnosis and better prognosis. Breast cancer is no longer a taboo subject. Survivors openly share their stories, inspiring hope in others. Breast cancer, especially when caught early, is a treatable disease!

All of the outcomes of increased breast cancer awareness are amazing, but what about the newly diagnosed women? What about the women in the thick of treatment? What about the women transitioning into survivorship?

For these women, there is PearlPoint’s new Breast Cancer Handbook. The Breast Cancer Handbook is a comprehensive overview of breast cancer. Use it as your guide through diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. The Handbook covers treatment options, clinical trials, side effect management, intimacy and fertility, nutrition, and practical concerns. The Handbook also includes worksheets to help you keep track of your medical history, schedule appointments, and adjust your budget to include medical bills.

Even better, PearlPoint serves ALL cancer types. Currently there are Handbooks available for 10 cancer types, including a general Cancer Handbook. Create your own personalized My PearlPoint to find the Handbooks and other valuable resources on all cancer types.

Abby Henry Singh

Author Abby Henry Singh

Manger Content, Outreach, and Outcomes Abby Henry Singh is a native of Sevierville, Tennessee, and a graduate of Belmont University with a bachelor’s degree in English and history. She has been a member of PearlPoint Cancer Support for over 5 years. Previously, Singh was the Program and Outreach Manger for the Lupus Foundation of America, Mid-South Chapter where she worked to raise disease awareness and support those diagnosed with the disease through educational programs. She is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and the Belmont English alumni book club.

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