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Happy 100th Birthday, American Cancer Society

By PearlPoint Nutrition Services May 22, 2013Pearls of Wisdom Blog

We are so grateful to the American Cancer Society (ACS) for paving the way for nonprofits like PearlPoint to support cancer survivors and co-survivors. There are many ways we are able to collaborate with ACS on behalf of our clients. As an oncology social worker at PearlPoint, I am especially grateful to be able to include ACS in my trusted network of resources to which I can confidently refer our clients. Every day at PearlPoint we work to create more confident cancer journeys for adults impacted by cancer. Often that confidence comes from referrals to ACS’s many incredible services including: Road to Recovery, the Hope Lodge, and ACS educational literature. In addition, we all owe a debt to ACS for more than 60 years of funding groundbreaking cancer research. From ACS-funded research, we understand the link between smoking and cancer, know the benefits of Pap tests for women, realize the impact of regular mammograms, and have access to many life-saving drugs.

Blog Author: Bailey Groetsch, LMSW
PearlPoint Cancer Support Staff

Author PearlPoint Cancer Support Staff

PearlPoint Nutrition Services is a program of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

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